Different Colours Made Of Tears
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April 18th


Now I have to let go again
no constant stays
except me and my brain
all things I got used to
seem to vanish again

What can I hope for
leave something
I’m not willing to go down
with empty hands
with nothing left
no crumbs no slices
no memory of us

But only the tears
that remind me how much
there is still to pass
why wouldn’t you hold me
why wouldn’t you cry
your tears would have saved me
from saying goodbye

What can I hope for
what’s there for me
tell me about us and I would agree
tell me I wasn’t willing to let go
I know I was turning to gold
what has turned into dust
maybe a statue of us or a tree

that carries your name
that branches like you
that grows into me
that grows into you

Tell me what did you leave me
at least something small that I’d take
down pass the door of
the hall of our lust
a name that is written
with strings of us

Written, arranged & produced by me 2014

Contains parts of ‘Sissy Fuzz’ by @Fontarrian

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April 17th
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April 16th
unbenannt by Joe Nigel Coleman on Flickr.
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April 16th
Puking of too much art. on Flickr.
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April 16th
unbenannt on Flickr.

unbenannt on Flickr.